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Virtual Individual Art Therapy

Sometimes staying in your head with talk therapy doesn't seem to fit - and that's ok!

Creative expression is action orientated where you get to use your hands too.

Art therapy is capable of simultaneously looking at verbal and nonverbal aspects of life.

Some people find it difficult to know or describe how they feel. The use of art materials can help you find the language in order to express what you're feeling. This allows for more connection not only between you and therapist, but more re-connection to your true self too.

Don't worry, no art making experience is necessary. It's not about making pretty pictures because let's face it - our thoughts and feelings are not always pretty - and that's ok too! 

Our work together may include using a combination of talking, mindfulness practices, and art making to restore emotional stability and confidence. This means I use an integrative psychotherapy approach with both talk-based therapies and interactive body-based art therapy.

Sessions with me follow the same flow as my Psychotherapy sessions with the added aspect of art making:

Individual art therapy in Toronto, Ontario
  • Begin by sharing areas you might like to work on

  • Engage in a mindful check-in so you can focus on you and your session

  • Give space to look at your unique needs and goals. Here, thoughts and feelings are explored verbally and creatively with my therapeutic support and at your own pace

  • Co-create a plan on how you want to move forward

  • Engage in a mindful check-out so you’re able to go on with your day

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