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Virtual Individual Psychotherapy

From times of transition such as a career or relationship shift to dealing with loss or grief, the big emotions that come with big change can be confusing and overwhelming.


No matter the change or situation, these experiences can make us feel anxious, stuck and lost with a sense of disconnection from others and ourselves. These are often areas we need help with. Whatever your concerns may be, you don't need to cope on your own.


I offer an integrative approach to therapy where I support you through a process of growth and self-discovery. Together we'll build on sessions over time while cultivating tools, strategies and solutions as we go. 

Sessions with me follow a flow that looks like...

Amelia Lumino_edited.jpg
  • Begin by sharing areas you might like to work on

  • Engage in a mindful check-in so you can focus on you and your session

  • Give space to look at your unique needs and goals. Here, thoughts and feelings are explored with my therapeutic support and at your own pace

  • Co-create a plan on how you want to move forward

  • Engage in a mindful check-out so you’re able to go on with your day

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