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Images of art therapy services by Amelia Jones in Ontario


Are your services covered by OHIP or insurance?

  • In Ontario, psychotherapy is not currently covered under OHIP.

  • As a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), I provide receipts that you can submit to most extended health benefit plans for reimbursement. Please contact your provider to understand your coverage. 

What is the cost of therapy sessions with you?

  • All individual sessions are $130 + HST per 50 min session

  • I believe everyone has the right to access therapeutic support and therefore offer low-cost and sliding scale slots. Please reach out to inquire about qualifying for a slot. We can discuss and mutually determine a price for therapy sessions.

What kinds of therapy do you offer?

  • I offer over the phone or virtual one-on-one Psychotherapy and virtual one-on-one Art Therapy sessions for adults. 

  • My work may include a combination of talking, art-making and mindfulness practices. I often pull from many therapeutic modalities including EFT, SFT, CBT, DBT, IFS, and any others that could be most helpful for you.

How long will it be until I begin to feel better?

  • I wish I could give a specific answer, but in short, this depends. Many clients report feeling lighter after one session, however lasting changes typically takes 8-12 sessions. Some clients prefer short term goal oriented approaches, while others are seeking a longer term therapist to work with throughout life's ups and downs. I'm happy to work with you in whatever way best suits you. I always check in with my clients along the way on how they are feeling about where the therapy is going and their goals.

What type of therapy should I do?

  • Firstly, if you have been thinking of attending therapy - I'm so happy for you! I have never met anyone who has regretted putting in the time and care for themselves in this way! My clients can use one or both types of individual therapy with me:

    • Individual Art Therapy

      • ​Can bridge the process of art making and psychotherapy to facilitate deeper connections to your thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to access with words alone. We get to use visual metaphor to help with this. 

      • No artistic talent is required for art therapy to be effective. The outcome of the therapeutic session is not exclusively the art product. The importance of the session resides in the insight you gain about yourself from engaging in the creative process, from interacting with me, as well as your artwork.

    • Individual Psychotherapy:

      • Uses talking as a way to explore our thoughts and emotions while finding solutions that feel right for you. ​

    • Groups/Workshops

      • These may include a group of people working with a similar theme/issue. Based on the needs of the group/workshop, I help participants explore and build tools to work on the theme/issue.

Do you offer a free consultation?

  • Yes I do! It can be costly and hard to know if you'll connect with a therapist but that connection is very important in order to reap the benefits of therapy. The 15 minute phone consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions about how I can support you and the ways that I work. 

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